Matchmaking Reimagined: T.A.C.T Story

Life is built upon relationships. From our very first connection with our parents to how we interact with friends and colleagues. Understanding the power of navigating relationships is a crucial component of creating a fulfilling life. And yet…so few programs provide the necessary resources for adults to build better relationship habits, romantic or otherwise.

The Art of Coming Together is here to change that

As a modern matchmaking and relationship development firm, our mission is to bridge the gap between single adults and the fulfilling love that they deserve using an evidence-based approach that focuses on self-development and strategic relationship solutions.

Created by Terri R. Waller, The Art of Coming Together was designed to be an immersive experience from start to finish, leaving our clients with a fully renewed sense of self and the freedom to embrace new connections with confidence.

Over the course of 16 months, we provide our clients with the support and resources they need to heal previous relationship wounds, break unhealthy cycles, establish boundaries, and navigate conflict within a relationship the enlightened way.

For us, this program is about so much more than helping people find love. It’s about reimagining the way we as a society approach personal connection.

The Art of Coming Together is here to change that

Mission Statement:

The Art of Coming Together provides personal development coaching, matchmaking, and relationship development training in support of singles building healthy, long-term, committed relationships that can lead to healthy families and healthy homes.

Vision Statement:

The Art of Coming Together desires to put into practice strategies and tools that guide singles on a journey of building healthy, long-term, committed relationships. More specifically, our focus is on singles in the states of Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida.

Core Values:

  • K=Knowledgeable
  • A= Accessible
  • R= Resourceful

Value Proposition:

Who are we and who do we help? We are a matchmaking and relationship development firm that works one-on-one with singles ages 27 and up who are serious and ready to be in a committed relationship. Our goal is to reduce what we call SSEF: the scams, stress and emotional fatigue associated with dating. We work with a stellar team of professionals who supports removing singles off the dating hamster wheel and moving them into the process of healthy relationship development.

Why are we passionate about what we do? We are passionate about what we do because we believe, We Are Designed for Connection. But not just any connection…a properly aligned connection. One where you’re heard, seen , and valued. Time out for being in relationships and still feeling lonely. Did you know that 30% of online dating profiles are created by married people, and 12% are created by people who are already in a committed relationship? Research has shown an uptick in more and more Americans reporting a substantial increase in loneliness. But understand that, “being alone” and “being lonely” are different. Being “alone” is a physical state of being, while being “lonely” is an emotional state of being. The key difference between being alone and being lonely is……emotional attachment.

Why, The Art of Coming Together? We are a company with a team of dedicated and successful professionals, postured to support Singles who want to Win, in creating healthy unions that can lead to healthy families and healthy homes.
We invite you to explore how The Art of Coming Together can help you chart a more enlightened path to developing meaningful connections and committed relationships.

Isn't it time for you to have a winning shot at Love?


Terri R. Waller

  • Program Director
  • Matchmaker
  • Relationship Coach

From dedicated military service to transforming relationships, Terri is no stranger to hard work or burning the midnight oil to achieve success.

With an extensive background in program development, implementation, and auditing, Terri has championed several areas of focus, including family support, transportation, safety, and education and training. She operates with passion and fierce dedication in every industry and task. After nearly three decades of military and leadership experience, there is no doubt that she brings a wealth of knowledge to the Art of Coming Together.

As the creator of The Art of Coming Together, Terri draws on her rich experience to provide a comprehensive, evidence-driven approach to modern matchmaking and relationship development.


Her educational foundation is equally impressive. Terri is an alumna of Auburn University at Montgomery, where she earned a degree in Business Administration. She also holds a Master of Public Administration degree with a double concentration in Environmental Management and Public Management from Troy University. Additionally, she holds degrees from the Community College of the Air Force, and several certifications.

Recognition and Awards

  • img Recognized for Outstanding Performance by 42nd Mission Support Squadron
  • img Recognized for Outstanding Performance by Air University Reserve Forces
  • img Recognized for Outstanding Performance by Squadron Officer College
  • img Superior Performance Award for Unit Compliance Inspection from HQ ACC Inspector General
  • img Outstanding Performance Award for Operations Readiness Inspection from HQ ACC Inspector General
  • img First Sergeant Council for Excellence 187th Fighter Wing (3 times)
  • img Commendation Medal for Exceptional Meritorious & Distinguished Military Service to the State of Alabama
  • img MillerCoors Urban Entrepreneur Series Business Plan Competition Winner


  • img Front Cover of Smart Woman Magazine
  • img Top 25 People of Influence by UpScale Magazine
  • img Boots on the Ground in Food Safety by Quick Service Restaurant Magazine

Stefanie Agee Hughes

  • Program Director
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Stefanie Hughes, LMFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist with specialties in sex therapy, hypnosis, and anger management. She is licensed in both Arizona and Georgia. Mrs. Hughes has been in the field of mental health for well over 25 years, seeing couples, families, and individuals for therapy. Her approaches are practical and relatable to aid others to navigate their journey and experience hope, healing, and freedom. “Psychotherapy is simply a very underused resource by people of color and people of faith. I seek to help both cultures see the value of mental wellness.” Mrs. Hughes also serves as the founder of a non-profit called M3 (Mocha Mental Magic). An annual self-care conference experience as well as smaller workshops throughout the year. M3’s initiative is to educate and empower all of us on the power of therapy plus prayer which equals FREEDOM.

Stefanie is an author of two books and presently working on her third book titled, Good Sex is Your Portion. You can catch Stefanie singing and dancing as her favorite past times. Her love of music and food keeps her exploring and traveling for fun. She is a community activist through ministry leadership and service.

Stefanie has been married for 28 years to Dennis Hughes and having raised 9 children has given her a wealth of experiences that aid her depth of understanding others challenges as she has seen many herself. Stefanie is optimistic, empathetic, compassionate, realistic, faith driven, witty, and conscientious of the need to restore hope in others.


Stefanie is an alumna of Jacksonville State University, where she earned a BA in Psychology. She is also a proud graduate of Mercer University School of Medicine in Marriage and Family Therapy.


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  • img Disruptions, Disappointments, & Distractions: A 31 Day Devotional
  • img Good Sex Is Your Portion

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