Are You Ready To Break Up With Dating Apps? We’ve Got You

At The Art of Coming Together, we believe everyone deserves to find a healthy, fulfilling relationship and build a connection that lasts. The Art of Coming Together is a unique niche in the Matchmaking and Relationship Development space. Our approach to this industry is from a whole person concept. We offer a comprehensive, 16-month hybrid program that combines online and in-person training. It’s designed to empower singles with the necessary tools to be successful in their relationships from the onset. Our team of degreed, certified, and licensed professionals have a goal to help you build healthy, long-term, committed relationships that can ultimately lead to healthy families and healthy homes.

According to Jim Rohn, “the greatest gift you can give somebody is your own personal development.”

Explore The 3 Stages of Our Program

The Release

  • The Release Stage is the first stage of our program.
  • It is approximately 7 months with 6 components.
  • Each component is designed to address issues that cause relationships to breakdown.
  • This stage is both online and in-person.

The Union

  • The Union Stage is the second stage of our program.
  • It is approximately 2 months with 2 components.
  • The first component is analysis, and the second component is the Reveal.
  • The Reveal component of this stage is in-person.

The Journey

  • The Journey Stage is the third stage of our program.
  • It is approximately 7 months.
  • Life is built upon relationships and understanding the power of navigating relationships is a crucial component of creating a fulfilling life. During this stage you will work as a couple with one of our professionals to learn how to navigate the ebbs and flows of being in a relationship.
  • This stage is both online and in-person.

So, if you’re tired of…

  • Feeling burnt out and exhausted from the roller coaster ride of modern dating.
  • Finding a great match on a dating app to find out the person is married.
  • Repeating the same toxic dating patterns again and again…and again.
  • Craving a lasting love when everyone around seems interested in casual hook-ups.
This program was made for YOU.

How We Build Better Relationships


You won’t find any gimmicks or dating games here. Instead, we leverage the insight of industry professionals and evidence-based systems to create a solid foundation for a great union.


The secret to a great union starts with you. Our holistic approach gives you the support and confidence to break the cycles that are plaguing your romantic life so you can experience the fulfilling love that you deserve.


We're here to help you find and keep the partner you deserve. We have experience in reviewing, analyzing, and understanding a good fit.

In 16-Months We Want You to Have a Transformed Life…

We designed our program to be a transformative experience from start to finish, providing our clients with the resources and insights they need to find the love they truly deserve in just 16 months. With our help, you can finally say “goodbye” to dating apps and “hello” to a life with a compatible partner, love, and understanding.

Start Your Release

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Prepare Yourself For Our Three Stages:

  • The Release: Offloading the Baggage-A transformative, professionally-guided journey for inner healing and growth.
  • The Union: The review and analyzation of data from several components to identify and reveal the match.
  • The Journey: Learning How to Navigate Life’s Terrain, Together!
It’s Time To Re-Write The Dating Rule Book

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